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IT strategic consulting

Technology decisions that don’t come back to haunt you


When processes and systems grow — they get more complex. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a larger look at IT systems that are already in place and draw a fresh picture of the actual requirements for the functions of data.

Planning the future of a company’s data architecture can be quite a daunting task, but more easily done when focusing on particular business challenges and pain points, keeping in mind the return of each investment made into IT systems.

IT strategic consulting

How we work and what the process looks like

First, we get acquainted with the business. Its particular limitations and challenges, and the vision for the next few years — what is likely to change, and where growth or extra complexity is expected — informs us about the requirements for the information systems and tools that support the company. We also try to get a good understanding of who will use them and how, what are the expectations of all the people involved and how these expectations are likely to evolve.

When we know the requirements, we can list the solution options and evaluate them based on functionality, architecture, maintainability, etc. Based on this analysis we ultimately make specific recommendations for architecture and toolset that would deliver the required value and also work well together with the rest of the company’s IT philosophy.

Application areas

  • Financial services and banking
  • B2B services
  • B2C software products
  • Online retail
  • Online wholesale