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Product development

Bespoke tools to help release a successful product


Product development can be quite an involved process. In each aspect and stage of it, we can help by bringing a strong “software development accent”. Among other activities, one has to deal with concept set up and adaptation, testing and measuring the market fit, marketing, sales steps, and gathering and understanding feedback. Several of these elements are at least partially delivered by some kind of software development effort, depending on the tools picked for these tasks.

Product development

How we work and what the process looks like

Absolutely everybody in the development team should be well aware of the business context, status and goals, so that even the most technical aspects of the product are shaped with awareness of and care for the larger context.

The value of carefully planned tooling, early focus on automation and flexibility, and avoiding pitfalls like platform lock-in can sometimes be hard to appreciate in the rush of starting with a new product, but it quickly pays dividends when the product matures.

We use agile methodologies, introduce new features iteratively, and work with a short release and feedback cycle. This ensures close contact between the development team and the business side, and enables rapid adaptation in the case that there are any requirement changes.

Technologies we use

While biased towards high quality open source software we always strive to choose the right tool for the job, based on the current and planned scale of the solution, the existing technological context and stakeholder preferences.

  • Data platforms — Hadoop, Spark, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, Vertica, Teradata
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence — Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI EE, Qlik
  • General tools — Python
  • Web development — JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, Laravel
  • Data integrations and ETL — SQL, Python, Microsoft SSIS, Pentaho, Talend

Application areas

  • Financial services and banking
  • B2B software products
  • B2C software products
  • Online retail