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Software Development

Production grade software based on your needs


Our background is deeply technical and builds on all roles and responsibilities found in a contemporary software development team.

We like to keep things as lean and minimal as possible, preferring to stretch the effort and responsibility of few engineers, rather than manage the complex web of communication that can occur in a team of clear but narrow roles and no competence overlaps.

Software Development

How we work and what the process looks like

Everything starts with a good understanding of the business goals, variables and limitations, so a very “vertical” form of thinking is required by all engineers, even before the first lines of code are written.

Once the larger goal is set, everything else can be standardized into a robust workflow, leveraging our experience with agile scrum-like methodologies which gives us a good starting point when shaping new projects. We break the work down into small tasks, prioritize and plan the tasks into time frames, and make sure every piece is covered by a single person responsible for shipping the working end result.

Technologies we use

In order to minimize lock-in to heavyweight products or vendors we usually go for modular architecture and pick the best tool for each functional layer. Whenever possible — use widely adopted tools that are actively maintained and have convincing product roadmap themselves, even better if open source. Depending on particular project context and goals the final choices can vary from incumbent proprietary solutions to free to use toolsets and industry challengers.

  • Data platforms — Hadoop, Spark, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, Vertica, Teradata
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence — Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI EE, Qlik
  • General tools — Python
  • Web development — JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, Laravel
  • Data integrations and ETL — SQL, Python, Microsoft SSIS, Pentaho, Talend

Application areas

  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services and banking
  • B2B software products
  • B2B services
  • B2C software products
  • Online retail
  • Online wholesale